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The SDK Installer requires that you enter an activation key. After completion of the sign up process you will have received an activation key in your email.

Your activation key should not be shared with any one else as it is unique to you. If you are developing your project with other users, they must sign up for their own activation key which they can enter in the SDK Installer window.


Installer activation input page

Get an Activation Key

If you don't yet have an activation key, you can get one for free by signing up here.

Removing an Activation Key

Should you need to remove your activation key from a device for any reason, such as upgrading, this can be done by selecting 'Remove Activation Key' from the installer context menu.

  1. Right click on the 'Immerse SDK Installer' tab
  2. Select 'Remove Activation Key'

How to identify if you're using the Free or Enterprise SDK

Once activated check Project Settings > Immerse SDK. If you are prompted to log-in then you are using the Enterprise SDK. If you were expecting to see the log-in screen but instead can only see the Interaction Package, remove the Action Key and try again.


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