Adding a Camera Target

Adding a Camera Target is as simple as adding a component to a GameObject and then positioning the object as required.

  1. Add an empty GameObject to the scene.
  2. Add a Camera Target component to the GameObject.
  3. Position the GameObject so that it's where the camera should be.
    • You may find it helpful to use the Preview window shown in the Scene view while the GameObject is selected.
    • Also consider using GameObject -> Align With View to align the GameObject with the current Scene camera position
  4. Rename this GameObject to describe the view seen by the camera at this position. The GameObject's name is used by the Name property of the CameraTarget and will be displayed on the frontend for WebGL users as a selectable item.
Adding a Camera Target to the scene and adjusting its positionAdding a Camera Target to the scene and adjusting its position

Adding a Camera Target to the scene and adjusting its position



This step is optional

It is not required to change any properties of a Camera Target, but it may be desirable in some circumstances.

The following properties of a Camera Target can be adjusted if needed.



Movement Mode

Determines the way that the camera will move to the target's position and rotation when it is selected.
Move To will smoothly transition the camera based on the Animation settings of the CameraController.
Jump To will instantly teleport the camera into position.


Determines the position in the list that the Camera Target will appear.
Higher priority CameraTargets will appear before lower priority targets in the list.

The CameraTarget componentThe CameraTarget component

The CameraTarget component