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Beacon Tool


This feature requires the Immerse SDK Enterprise Edition

This is different to the free Immerse SDK. Contact [email protected] if you require access.

Understand the difference between the Free and Enterprise SDK

The Beacon tool is installed via the Package Manager. This tool allows non-XR based users to communicate a position to other users in a session. This can be very useful when trying to guide another user towards a specific location or control. Once set up, a non-XR user can click anywhere in the world to create a ping to highlight a location that will appear to all users.

Getting Started

The Beacon tool requires two components in order to work, a View and a Trigger.

Beacon View

This component is what will render the beacon. By editing this or creating your own, you can control alter the appearance and behavior of the beacon.


Included BeaconView prefab settings

Once configured, it should be linked in the Beacon settings found in Project Settings > Immerse SDK > Beacon. Here you can also configure permissions set set who can view and show can send beacons.


Beacon Settings View


Once you have your view, all your need now is a way to send a beacon. Included in the SDK is a component that will send a beacon on a mouse click. This should be added to your scene to allow it to listen for input.


Included Beacon Trigger Component

ColorColor of the beacon to be sent
OffsetApply an offset based on the normal of the raycast
CameraCamera to use for raycasting. (Will use MainCamera if null)
MaskLayerMask to use when raycasting from the camera
Max DistanceMax raycast distance