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Build & Upload


This feature requires the Immerse SDK Enterprise Edition

This is different to the free Immerse SDK. Contact [email protected] if you require access.

Understand the difference between the Free and Enterprise SDK

Building your Application

There are no specific steps to building an application that are imposed by the SDK. However, when uploading your application to the platform, a Manifest file must be included.

A Manifest is generated each time you generate a build from Unity. The SDK will then, if 'Zip Output' is enabled, zip this build along with the manifest into an archive ready to upload to the platform.


Build Tools Foldout

Uploading your Application

To upload your application to the Developer Portal, navigate to the 'Build Tools' dropdown in the Immerse SDK section of Unity's Project Settings. From here you can select the builds you wish to upload for each platform (validation checks will run automatically). Then click the 'Upload Selected' button to begin the upload process.

Anti-Virus Check

After the upload process is completed, an anti-virus check will run before your application will become available on the platform. Clicking 'Cancel' on the progress bar cause it to continue to run in the background, this process runs on the platform not on your local machine, you will be able to check the progress of this in the Build Tools foldout.

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