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Report Hierarchy


This feature requires Immerse SDK Enterprise Edition and a Platform 3.0 Developer Account

This is different to the free Immerse SDK / standard developer account. Contact [email protected] if you require access.

Understand the difference between the Free and Enterprise SDK

A report hierarchy is used to define the structure of the output report. This hierarchy is sent to the platform as part of the project metadata.

To create a new reporting hierarchy, in Unity, navigate to Assets > Create > Immerse > Reporting > Report Hierarchy. This will create a new 'Session' scriptable object in your assets folder.
Once you have created your reporting hierarchy object, it's time to build out your hierarchy by using the Report Builder. Double click on you asset or click the 'Open' button in the inspector to open it in the Report Builder window.


New hierarchy opened in the Report Builder


Once you have created your hierarchy, it is important to link it in the Reporting foldout in the Immerse SDK settings.

To build out the hierarchy, you can add children to each element in the tree, starting with the root (Session). This can be done either by clicking the 'Add Child' button with the desired parent selected or right clicking an activity and selecting 'Add Child'.
As you would expect, activities can be dragged and reparented or deleted, however these actions can not be applied to the root session object due to it's unique nature.
The other columns allow you to customize the type of object, this is used to label different types of activities, but types have no functional differences. The verb column let you specify which verb will be used when the activity is completed.


Example hierarchy


To get access to Immerse's list of recommended verbs, be sure to import the 'Immerse Verb Definitions' from the Reporting package Samples list in the package manager.

At the bottom of the Report Builder window is a test tools panel. By clicking the bar that has the name of the selected item you can expand it and expose a tool that will help you send action and completion statements. When sending actions and completion statements outside of editor play mode, statements will be printed to the Unity console instead of being sent to the Immerse platform.


Expanded test tools