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Bulk Upload

Multiple users can be invited, by uploading a comma-separated (CSV) file, which can be created using a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.


The CSV file must conform to a defined format, download CSV template file.

Name (mandatory),Surname (mandatory),Email (mandatory),Group(s)


The CSV file must be uploaded in exactly the same format specified above; the first row cannot be modified or deleted and columns cannot be changed. It must be less than 2MB and not exceed 5000 rows / users.

After uploading the CSV, the Immerse Platform will check for duplicates and send invitation emails to all new users. Invitees must activate their account to complete the provisioning process.


Newly created users will be provisioned as standard users; afterwards they can be converted to Organisation Administrators if required.


Corporate email servers can sometimes react to multiple emails coming from the same source. When bulk invitations are sent, it is prudent to manually check with some recipients to ensure the emails have been received.

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