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Camera Target


This feature requires the Immerse SDK Enterprise Edition

This is different to the free Immerse SDK. Contact [email protected] if you require access.

Understand the difference between the Free and Enterprise SDK

The Camera Target component is what defines a target for the Spectator Camera.

Creating a Camera Target

  1. Create an Empty GameObject
  2. Add the Camera Target component
  3. Position the camera target as you would a camera (a preview is shown in the scene view)

Camera Target Component

PriorityUsed to set the order of the camera targets in the list. Custom behaviour can be implemented by creating your own Priority Comparer
TransitionThe type of transition to be used when moving to this camera target.
FollowIf the Spectator Camera should continue to follow this target once it has reached it's destination.
On SelectedAn event that is triggered when moving to this camera target
On DeselectedAn event that is triggered when moving away from this camera target