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Themed Canvas

The Themed Canvas component allows you to override your project's default theme with another. Each themed component will search for the first Themed Canvas component in its parents and use the provided theme if present.


Themed Canvas component as it displays in the Inspector

If no Themed Canvas component is found, the default theme from Project Settings > Immerse SDK > UI will be used.

Themed Colors

The Themed Colors component is used for applying colors to a set of components. Different component type configurations are available that will list just the expected graphics. When a Graphic has been linked into one of these fields, it will be updated with the appropriate color when the theme changes.


Themed Colors component as it displays in the Inspector

Each of the included Prefabs within the UI package will have one of these components and therefore serve as a good example of how it can be utilized.

Themed Sprite

The Themed Sprite component allows you to select a sprite from a list, this selection is used to retrieve the designated sprite from the current Theme and is then applied to the attached Image component.


Themed Sprite component as it displays in the Inspector

A default list of sprites exists within the package, but it is possible to add more/custom sprites from the Theming settings. Any added sprites will be automatically added to the Sprite Selection dropdown.