Configuration components


Rather than adding all configuration settings directly to a single App Object, they have been split into logical groups - separating out advanced settings from more basic ones.

How it works

The SDK has the following configuration components:

Component nameDescription
Smiley faceSmiley face
Settings for the VR controller. See Mapping input from controllers.
FreeTeleportSettingsConfigSettings for the Free teleport system. See Navigation.
HandMenuSettingsConfigSettings for the Hand UI. See Hand Menus.
UnityXRConfigRequired for supporting input from VR hardware. It is automatically added to the App Object when a scene is set up. See Mapping input from controllers.

How to implement

All configuration components are appended as children to the ImmerseApp Object. At runtime, the hierarchy is traversed to identify all configurations settings for the application.

Setting up configuration components as children of the App Object.

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Configuration components

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