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The Immerse SDK supports a hand user interface menu in the form of either a Palm menu or Watch menu. The UI can be customised using separate pages and buttons.

  • Palm menu is displayed by rotating the palm of your hand upwards
  • Watch menu is triggered when the user holds up one of their wrists, rotates it towards their face and looks at the watch for a few seconds.

How It Works

Once the hand menu is enabled in an Immerse scene, a UI menu will appear when a particular gesture is performed using the VR controllers.

Opening the Palm Menu


The Palm Menu can be triggered accidentally during normal user interactions. Ensure the scene is tested thoroughly, to prevent this from happening. If it does, try using the Watch Menu instead.

Once initialised, the interface is the same for both types of hand menu (Watch and Palm). On this interface, pages can be selected and buttons tapped to perform actions.

A script can be written that adds customised pages and buttons at runtime; these can be updated at any time dynamically.

At the present time, only buttons can be added to custom pages.

Palm Menu

The Palm menu appears by rotating the controller, so that the user's palm is facing upwards.

Watch Menu

The Watch menu appears when the watch face is tapped and the user looks at the screen for a few seconds

Once the user interface menu is visible, it can be detached from the hand by either selecting the sidebar (as a button) or grabbing it. Once detached, it can be moved by grabbing the side bar. Once placed, it will float in the air.

To hide the detached hand user interface, use the same gesture that was used to display it and it will be attached to your hand, where it can be hidden again.

How To Implement

  1. To enable the hand user interface menu, select the Handmenu Type from the dropdown in the App object.
  • Select which of the SDK pages should be visible, by using the checkboxes on the App object.
  • If custom pages and buttons need to be added, pages will need to be created in code only. To understand how to do this, look at the 'ExampleCustomHandMenu' scene in the Immerse SDK.

Unity Editor Component

Advanced Options

The hand menu system supports advanced configuration (optional and not required) via a configuration component. See Configuration components for details on how to set this up.

Show Wait Time In Seconds
Wait time, in seconds, before showing the menu. This is the time used to show a progress bar of sorts
Cancel Wait Time In SecondsWait time, in seconds, for cancelling the hide of the menu. If you accidentally hide the menu, this is
/// the time given to immediately show it again before requiring the normal wait time again (and progress indicator)
Notification Blink Time In SecondsBlink time in seconds for when a new notification has arrived
Sphere Display Time In SecondsTime in seconds to display a sphere when watch button is pressed
Number Of Times To Blink On New NotificationNumber of times to blink when a new notification is received
Max Trigger Value For Show HandUiMaximum amount of trigger press before HandUI will be detached
Min Trigger Value For Detach HandUiMinimum amount of trigger press before HandUI will be detached
Height Below Head For Show HandUiLower distance between the head and the wrist for checking it's ok to open the HandUI
Height Above Head For Show HandUiUpper distance between the head and the wrist for checking it's ok to open the HandUI
Play Wait Time Progress SoundShould a sound be played when trying to show the hand menu?
Play Notification SoundShould a sound be played when a new notification is waiting
Wait Time Progress ClipAudioClip to play when showing wait time progress
Notification ClipAudioClip to play when notifications are pending
Has Notifications ColorColor for light to show there are notifications
Has No Notifications ColorColor for light to show there are no notifications

Unity iconTry out this component in the Examples project

Examples (menu) > UI > Load Custom Hand Menu Example

Learn more about the Examples project

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Hand Menus

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