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Developer Portal


With the release of Immerse Platform 3.0, the developer portal is deprecated for Unity developers

Functionality is available directly in the Unity editor; developers using older versions of the Immerse Platform will continue to have access to the developer portal until they are migrated

The Developer Portal makes it easier for Immerse Developers to rapidly build and test applications on the Immerse Platform straight from the Unity Editor, without the need to upload them through the browser.

It also provides easy access to reporting information, along with metadata and access to different versions of applications.

Upon launching, a list of projects that have been uploaded directly via the Immerse SDK are displayed; along with project actions.


Immerse Developer Portal


Developer account required

An Immerse Developer account is required to access the Developer Portal. Please contact [email protected] if you require one. If you are unsure whether you have a developer account, log into the Immerse Platform, click your name in the top right corner and check for a link to the Developer Portal

Accessing the Developer Portal

The Developer Portal can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Directly via its URL dev.immerse.io (Immerse account required)
  2. From the user menu in the Immerse Platform (Immerse account required)

Project Actions

Every time a project is uploaded, it will undergo a virus check. During this process its actions will be unavailable (and greyed out). Once the virus check is complete, 3 buttons will be presented:

  • [Join a session] opens a session in a new tab
  • [Get PIN] exposes a PIN, to be used in a standalone device such as an Oculus Quest
  • [Invite guests] to the session

Inviting guests

Guests can be invited directly from the Developer Portal homepage or the Project details page. You can:

  • Add and remove guests by name
  • Copy a link for a guest to join

When providing a guest alias, this will be appear in the User List when they join a live session.



Guest links created in the Developer Portal are valid for 24 hours

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