Uploading a Project

Applications can be uploaded by logging into the platform at It is recommended that you build with the Zip Output option enabled as this will build and zip your application in the format expected by the Immerse platform.

The Immerse Launcher

The Immerse Launcher is a small application that is used to download and launch Windows VR applications, to run on the Immerse Platform. Once installed, a user can join a PCVR session from the browser via a URL.

The Immerse Launcher can be found on the downloads page.


The Visual C++ 2015 64-Bit Redistributable is required in order to run the launcher. Ensure to allow this step when running the installer for the launcher.


Due to licensing restrictions, the Immerse platform is currently unable to distribute APK applications directly to an Android device. This means that applications will need to be loaded onto the device manually.


The most basic way to install an application on your Android device is to use adb. More information on how to use adb can be found here. Alternatively, Oculus Quest specific instructions can be found here.

Build and Run

During testing, it is possible to use Unity's Build and Run feature to install and run your application on an Android device. More information on this can be found in Unity's official documentation

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