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Could not load file or assembly 'Newtonsoft.Json...

This error occurs when using older versions of Unity that are not supported. Please check The Immerse SDK Installer page for the recommended Unity version.

PlatformNotSupportedException: Operation is not supported on this platform.

Due to a change made in Unity 2021.2, the Immerse SDK activation key cannot be read or saved. This issue has been fixed in Unity 2021.3.4f1 more info


Teleport Transition Shader Missing

When building for WebGL, Unity will strip some shaders that would otherwise be included on other platforms. This causes the FadeEffect shader used by the teleport transition to be excluded from the project.

[Error]  ArgumentException: Invalid shader ()
at UnityEngine.Rendering.PostProcessing.PropertySheetFactory.Get (UnityEngine.Shader shader) [0x00000] in <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0

To fix this, you can add the FadeEffect shader to the Always Included Shaders list in Unity's Graphics settings.

Cannot Update to WebAssembly

In newer versions of Unity, the ability to switch the WebGL linker target has been removed. This means that when updating asm.js projects (from an older version from Unity) you are not able to switch to WebAssembly.

Below is a script that can be placed in an Editor folder in your project that will display a prompt that allows you to switch.

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;

/// <summary>
/// Utility to update WebGL linker target to use WebAssembly in newer versions of Unity where the option has been hidden
/// </summary>
public static class WebGLUpdater
    /// <summary>
    /// Check now
    /// </summary>
    private static void Execute()
        if (PlayerSettings.WebGL.linkerTarget != WebGLLinkerTarget.Asm || Ignore)
            // Linker target is already correct or utility has been ignored

        // Display message box
        const string title = "WebGL Updater";
        var message =
            $"The WebGL linker target for this project is currently set to {PlayerSettings.WebGL.linkerTarget}.\n\nWould you like to switch to {WebGLLinkerTarget.Wasm} now?";
        var apply = EditorUtility.DisplayDialog(title, message, "Yes", "Ignore");

        // Update or ignore
        if (apply)
            PlayerSettings.WebGL.linkerTarget = WebGLLinkerTarget.Wasm;
            Debug.LogFormat("WebGL Linker Target is set to: {0}", PlayerSettings.WebGL.linkerTarget);
            Ignore = true;

    /// <summary>
    /// If the check has been ignored
    /// </summary>
    /// <remarks>Value resets when closing the Unity Editor</remarks>
    private static bool Ignore
        get => SessionState.GetBool($"{nameof(WebGLUpdater)}.{nameof(Ignore)}", false);
        set => SessionState.SetBool($"{nameof(WebGLUpdater)}.{nameof(Ignore)}", value);

Compilation error when installing Platform Services 1.2

When installing the Platform Services 1.2 package, there is a compilation error that will appear in the console.


To fix this, you need to uninstall a different package in your project and then re-install it again.