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Upgrading from Immerse SDK 4 to 5

How to upgrade

With the release of the version 5, the process for installing the Immerse SDK has changed and now utilizes the Unity Package Manager .

To install Immerse SDK 5, existing Enterprise SDK users must sign-up on the Immerse website using the same email address used for the logging in to the Immerse Platform.


Upon registration you will receive an activation key and SDK download link; follow the steps below to install Immerse SDK 5:

1 The Immerse SDK Installer
2 Activation
3 Package Manager

After installation, in the Project Settings window, sign in with the same Immerse Creator Account details you used for the previous Immerse SDK. If you cannot see these settings then contact [email protected].


Once installed you will have access to Platform Services, including:


Immerse SDK 5 requires the use of Unity 2020.3.17+

If you are migrating an existing application which was built in an earlier Unity version, it will need to be upgraded .

How to identify if you're using the Free or Enterprise SDK

Check Project Settings > Immerse SDK. If you are prompted to log-in then you are using the Enterprise SDK. If you were expecting to see the log-in screen but instead can only see the Interaction Package, remove the Action Key and try again.