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Immerse Launcher Release Notes

2 November 2021

Immerse VR Launcher 4.2.0


  • [App] Fixed an issue which meant that some applications wouldn't open correctly

2 September 2020

Immerse VR Launcher 4.1.0


  • [App] Launch developer builds

2 September 2019

Immerse VR Launcher 4.0.0


  • [Security] Security updates for launcher access
  • [Error Reporting] Always prompt in case of an error
  • [Reporting & Logs] Unity log should contain unity in the name


  • [Context Menu] Add the list of cached files to the right-click menu for the Launcher
  • [Context Menu] Ability to delete scene files
  • [Context Menu] Display version number in right-click menu
  • [Reporting & Logs] Prompt the user to generate error zip when Unity exited with error code
  • [Splash Screen] Add launcher version to splash screen
  • [Splash Screen] Hide when not displaying information
  • [App] Make "Immerse VR Launcher" the official name
  • [Reporting & Logs] Enable Show logs folder when scene is running
  • [Reporting & Logs] Enable Exit log when running app
  • [Context Menu] Do not disable full scene sub menu on scene running

19 Jun 2019

Immerse VR Launcher 3.1.1


  • Splash screen updated with version information
  • Export option for Unity logs
  • New right click menu with delete scenes option

23 Jul 2018

Immerse VR Launcher 3.0.1


  • Dramatically improved the speed in which scenes are downloaded and cached

12 Mar 2018

Immerse VR Launcher 3.0.0


  • Use signed URL for S3 buckets

13 Oct 2017

Immerse VR Launcher 2.0.0


  • Updated the VR Launcher to handle new features planned for the SDK. See the Downloads page for the file. Note: you will have to update from version 1.0.0 to use the platform as of this date

Immerse Web 0.12.5


  • A selected state to current menu item in prism admin

10 Jul 2017

Immerse VR Launcher 1.0.1

  • Initial release