Immerse Spaces

Immerse Spaces are referenced by a unique URL (in the format and can be joined by multiple users simultaneously (5 in VR and 10 in the Chrome browser). Access can be restricted to members of an organisation or granted to anyone who has the URL.

Immerse Space list (Immerse account required)

Creating an Immerse Space

  1. To create an Immerse Space click [+CREATE SPACE] in the top right of the Space window.
  1. Give the Space a name

  2. Disable or Enable Guest Access [ ]


By default Immerse Spaces are created with guest access enabled

Move the radio button to restrict access to organisation members only

  1. Select a Scene to be added to the Space from the list. This could be from My Spaces or any Shared Spaces in the organisation

  2. Choose a Preferred Region, from the list which is closest geographically to expected participants.

Sharing an Immerse Space

By clicking [Share Link] a unique URL is revealed which can be distributed to participants.

Immerse Spaces have a unique URL which can be distributed and accessed much like a web conference

Joining an Immerse Space in a web browser


Currently only Google Chrome is supported for WebGL / browser access

  1. To join an Immerse VR Space, access the join URL (in the form using the Google Chrome browser.

(An Immerse session requires use of the laptop microphone and audio, so these will be checked before each session. )


On joining a session, if Chrome reports that wants to use your microphone and / or camera, select [Allow] or the session will not be accessible

After access has been granted, an option to join via [Web] or [VR] will be offered - choose [Web]

Wait a moment whilst the WebGL content is downloaded.

Desktop browser view

The Immerse Space user interface

  1. VR user view
    View the Immerse Scene through the eyes of any VR participant (Space owner only)
  2. Static camera view
    View the Immerse Scene through third person cameras defined in Unity (Space owner only)
  3. VR view
    Select to view immersive / 3D content (Space owner only)
  4. Webcam view (removed in Nov 2019)
    Select for a traditional 'video conference' view (Space owner only)
  5. Reset scene
    Perform a hard reset, ejecting all users from the Space (Space owner only)
  6. User list
    View Space participants, check whether they are speaking and mute/unmute them (if Space owner)

Joining an Immerse Space on an HTC Vive

Desktop Immerse VR Spaces are always joined via the Google Chrome browser on a Windows PC.

To join a Space in a headset, the Immerse VR Launcher application must first be installed. This will be used to initiate every VR session.

  1. Download and install the Immerse VR Launcher
    Firstly download and run the Launcher Installer File. During installation, select [Yes] if asked whether the Visual C++ 2015 64-Bit Redistributable can be installed

  2. Join Immerse VR Space
    Access the join URL (in the form using the Google Chrome browser.

(An Immerse VR session requires use of the microphone and headphones on the HMD, so these will be checked before each session. )


If Chrome notifies you that " wants to use your microphone and / or camera" you must select β€˜Allow’ or you will not be able to join the session.

After access has been granted, an option to join via [Web] or [VR] will be offered - choose [VR]

The previously installed Immerse Launcher will initialise bringing up this message in Chrome:

Select [Open ImmerseVRLauncher] when prompted.

When the Space is loaded, put on the VR headset.

Voice communication in an Immerse Space

Whether using the browser or a VR headset, user voice data is sent and received via the Chrome browser, ensuring a consistent experience across all platforms.

To mute themselves, a VR user must first remove the headset and use the mute button in the browser.


Try out the Immerse Demo Scene!

Look in for "SDK Demo Scene". Add this to an Immerse Space and invite other participants.

The Immerse Launcher

The Immerse Launcher is a small, executable application, installed on a PC running VR hardware. Once installed, it will initialise when an Immerse VR session has been started and manage the downloading of VR content to the headset.

The Immerse Launcher will cache VR content, reducing download times.

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Immerse Spaces

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