Immerse Web Release Notes

02 September 2020
Immerse Web 1.36.0

Fixed bugs related to developer portal joining session and it's UI bugs
Developer portal released ,

  • ImmerseVR Launcher supported for developer session and direct access reporting data in the Platform for developer session with share option.

19 August 2020
Immerse Web 1.35.0

*Bug fixes for pins and scene updates issues.

Scene custom messages to be correctly processed on developer update,
Defined custom messages are received correctly

  • SSO config updates.

07 August 2020
Immerse Web 1.34.0


  • Developer session reports & sharing a developer session report links.
  • UI Improvement to History features


  • Bug fixes for SSO enabled sessions.
  • Pin issues for unregistered users and better error handling

23 July 2020
Immerse Web 1.33.0


  1. When trying to update the webGL /VR on ZS org doesn't allow to save the scene.
  2. Org Creator unable to join a session, when enabled shared scenes
  3. Restart issues in Single User session ownership sessions
  4. Generation of different pins
  5. Bugs fix for Sessions Features and UI improvements

06 July 2020
**Immerse Web 1.30- 1.32

*Uploaded the immerse new logo.

  • Improvements to the new session flow
  • Bug fixes 

17 Jun 2020
Immerse Web 1.29.0


  • Changes to Immerse Platform creator profile account UI /frontend for developer session using Immerse SDK via open API
  • Updates to developer tokens expiration time.

17 Jun 2020
Immerse 1.28.1


  • SSO flow with Single Sign-on enabled.


  • **Bug fixes related to Single Sign-on enabled sessions.
  • Fixes for recording /Playback

10 Jun 2020
Immerse Web 1.28


  • SSO flow for single users


  • Number of bug fixes for platform
  • Performance imprvements for page loading time.

Immerse Web 1.27


New work flow for Space and UI design
Rename Space to Session
Work flow for Pin

Number of bugs fixed

23 Mar 2020
Immerse Web 1.24.1


Added BP oauth sign in
Added new version of Groups and Manage section
Added IAM

05 Mar 2020
Immerse Web 1.23.2**


Enable Recording for the "Accenture" and "Accenture Sales" org.
Prism Front-end code coverage.

Performance of the WebGL build alert message if large WebGl size in the range of 250MB to 500MB stating "The size of this file may affect performance".
21 Feb 2020
Immerse Web 1.23.0


Allow Session Owner to remotely mute other participants
Performance Warning message when user uploads a large WebGL file
Updated link page to download from cloudfront
Immerse scene with download link and which navigates to downloads link in the top menu
Newly added download link in the top menu navigates to downloads page to download respective links.
Snapshot -ability to save and recall a list of messages that represent the state of a unity scene.
IAM- Identity and Access Management for organisation manager role.

15 Febuary 2020

Immerse Web 1.22.0


  • Fixed Bugs relating to uploading a files in a Immerse


  • The ability ro Self mute and remote mute in a session
  • Ability to remove an uploaded scene file from Immerse Scene.

15 January 2020

Immerse Web 1.21.0


  • Added feature to name a recording
  • To reset custom thumbnail
  • Super admin enabling/disabling a particular user for particular organisation.

14 January 2020

Immerse Web 1.20.3


  • Fixed the ability to save scene when validate message is open


  • Added the ability to downloads examples files.
  • New Super admin with Improved UX and UI
  • Security improvement.

09 January 2020

Immerse Web 1.20.2


  • Hot fix for reporting processing issue.

20 December 2019

Immerse Web 1.20.1


  • Hot fix for the installer URL

19 December 2019

Immerse Web 1.20.0


  • Allow users to download installer

18 December 2019

Immerse Web 1.9.0


  • Number of bug fixes.


  • Unity 2019 WebGL update.
  • Version controller on the SDK.

10 December 2019

Immerse Web 1.18.0


  • Generating PIN to connect to a session through Quest.

02 December 2019

Immerse Web 1.17.0

Bug Fixes


  • Added AntiVirus scan uplaoding files

28 November 2019

Immerse Web 1.16.2

Bug fixes


  • Added Export Report to CSV
  • PIN access to a session for Occulus Quest.

15 November 2019

Immerse Web 1.16.1

bugs fixes

14 November 2019

Immerse Web 1.16.0


  • Bug fixes AAR
  • Reporting and performance.

28 October 2019

Immerse Web 1.15.5


  • Hot fix for AAR &recording
  • Organisation admins restricted to view only their organisation recordings.

16 October 2019

Immerse Web 1.15.0


  • [Reporting] Give "Org Manager" users access to Reporting
  • [Reporting] Give "Group Manager" users access to Reporting
  • [Graphics] New Immerse Logo in Platform
  • [Reporting] Create breadcrumb navigation for Reporting


  • [Groups] correct the text shown when no users are found
  • [Reporting] Session duration filter's default to More than 2 minutes on Session Overview
  • [Users] - Org admin user is unable to save changes made to an existing user (validation error)
  • [On-boarding] Vive headset couldn't be detected by the platform
  • [Reporting] - Org admin cannot see reporting data for users without shared scene
  • [Reporting] By default no user session data is visible
  • [Reporting] Duration field should default to "any duration" on User sessions
  • [Reporting] Time on the scene report is incorrect
  • [Reporting] Dashboard graph constantly shows "No Data"
  • [On-boarding] Page continues to load when "Not available" selected from the Device Selection screen
  • [Graphics] Immerse logo fills all the account creation email content on Windows Live
  • [Spaces] Guest access doesn't remove the guest login tab (when entering session from outside of the office)
  • [Session] "Record" button doesn't start recording
  • Administration Panel - Create user - header disappears on opening the modal
  • [Users] Change all instances of "Customer Admin" to "Group Manager"

5 September 2019

Immerse Web 1.14.1


  • [Scenes] Unable to update thumbnail in an existing scene

5 September 2019

Immerse Web 1.14.0


  • [Security] Fixed security flaws detected
  • [Users] Able to reset the password to the previous password

15 August 2019

Immerse Web 1.13.0


  • [Users] Change all FRONT END uses of word "Customer" to "Group"
  • [Examples] Add a hard coded link to the Scenes page to point to the Unity Examples folder


  • [Users] Nothing displayed on screen under "Users" if there are no existing Customers/Groups

11 April 2019

Immerse Web 1.12.0


  • [Security] Updates to the Users Management

03 Apr 2019

Immerse Web 1.11.0


  • Scenes - Icon to scene on Scenes page to represent custom messages
  • South Korea region added


  • Reporting - UI CSS Improvements
  • Users - Organisation Designer option hidden from User drop down
  • Users - Organisation Managers can access the Users section


  • Users - Expired tokens return correct response
  • Reporting - Hover values for minutes on Total time in hours reformatted
  • Users - Separate user accounts being created with the same email address

11 Feb 2019

Immerse Web 1.10.1


  • Guests user names are not visible on Reporting dashboard

11 Feb 2019

Immerse Web 1.10.0


  • Scene selector first option is blank


  • Session count for users added to Reporting Dashboard

20 Dec 2018

Immerse Web 1.8.1


  • Guests event data appearing in sessions on Reporting Dashboard.

19 Dec 2018

Immerse Web 1.8.0


  • Reporting Dashboard fix for the usernames appearing as the names not ids.

18 Dec 2018

Immerse Web 1.7.1


  • Small bug fixes.

06 Dec 2018

Immerse Web 1.7.0


  • Reporting Dashboard.

01 Nov 2018

Immerse Web 1.4.0


  • Vive and WMR headsets not being detected on sound bar.

05 Sep 2018

Immerse Web 1.3.0


  • Update to WebGL loader for Unity 2018.2

23 Jul 2018

Immerse Web 1.2.0


  • Updates to error codes


  • WebGL caching

03 Jul 2018

Multiplayer Server 5.3.0


  • Added an option to stop multiplayer server assigning automatic tags

Immerse Web 1.1.1


  • Fixes an issue with how the log errors handled malformed messages
  • Fixes an issue where the audio check would fail to play if you reloaded the page during the first check

21 Jun 2018

Immerse Web 1.0.0:


  • Added a Beta version of a new reporting dashboard, which is based on the completion of Sessions and defined by VR user interactions - this has to be configured in the Unity Scene
  • Added Roles to the platform that allows you to allocate users, an example being teacher and trainer - this also has to be configured in the Unity Scene
  • Improved performance for Cloudfront signed URLs
  • Thumbnails are now in a regionalised public bucket and will load faster
  • Fixed a bug with Web GL caching when the Scene file was updated

Multiplayer Server 5.1.0:


  • Users can now be muted by the Scene Owner, in the Users List

14 May 2018

Immerse Web 0.19.2


  • WebGL scenes that are made in Unity 2017 will be cached locally, making it faster to load or refresh WebGL scenes
  • Improved security for Scene downloads, which now use signed URLs
  • Improved global performance with assets now served via CDN.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

28 Mar 2018

Immerse Web 0.18.4


  • We fixed a bug for guests where the platform wasn't detecting the Vive Headset microphone if they clicked through the options with haste

12 Mar 2018

Immerse Web 0.18.3


  • VR Launcher updated to use signed URLs when requesting resources. This previous version will continue to work with old scenes, but not with new scenes created after 12/03/2018. We recommend you download and install Launcher v.3.0.0 immediately to preserve compatibility and take advantage of this security feature
  • Default mode is VR instead of Webcam when the session starts for the first time
  • Switching the preferred region on a space will now restart the Space
  • Guest access can now be disabled for individual Spaces
  • The homepage is now fully HTML5 compliant
  • Fixed a bug with thumbnails in Scenes
  • Fixed a bug where if you muted your mic after 15+ minutes of being in a Scene, you couldn't un-mute it
  • Clarified some wording when getting failure/error messages
  • Added an error message when you try an incorrect password
  • Forgotten password now works when you try to directly join a space instead of through the login screen on the main page

20 Feb 2018

Immerse Web 0.17.3


  • Increased the file size limit for VR and WebGL uploads from 200mb to 350mb
  • Preferred Regions on spaces now use port 443 as opposed to port 8484

26 Jan 2018

Immerse Web 0.17.2


  • Fixed an issue with the space owner not being able to change cameras if they had them setup in their scene

22 Jan 2018

Immerse Web 0.17.1


  • Various typos fixed
  • Improvements to the Administration Profile for Organisation Administrators
  • Improved error messages if a module is down
  • New web module for account registration
  • Password complexity requirement has been increased
  • Added a link to download the Immerse VR Launcher when selecting the VR/Web mode
  • Users are now shown help prompts when uploading models
  • Various improvements for Model upload
  • Tooltips added to Models
  • Models in the library are now listed by newest first

30 Nov 2017

Immerse Web 0.16.0


  • Back end updates to message tracking

Ghost 4.7.0


  • Back end updates to message tracking

23 Nov 2017

Immerse Web 0.15.0


  • Spaces can now be run in a specific region in order to ensure minimal latency between clients
  • Debugging features have been improved for camera target selection
  • The VR Launcher system tray icon icon has been updated
  • Private scenes no longer appear on the drop down menu when making a scene
  • Activation emails now contain the right social media links
  • Some cosmetic wording has been improved
  • Admins can now enable/disable a particular user in an organisation

16 Nov 2017

Immerse Web 0.14.2


  • The Immerse platform is now accessible through Windows 7, in both VR and WebGL sessions
  • Users can now update their password in their User Profile menu
  • The allocated size for a Space name has been increased to show the entirety of the name
  • When resetting the session the message displayed is now more relevant
  • UI improvements in the SDK Downloads section

24 Oct 2017

Immerse Web 0.12.6


  • Fixed a confusing error message when using an unsupported Operating System. The message is now a lot clearer to the user

13 Oct 2017

Immerse Web 0.12.5


  • A selected state to current menu item in prism admin

29 Sep 2017

Immerse Web 0.11.13


  • Increased the Scene Upload limit to 200mb

21 Sep 2017

Immerse Web 0.11.0


  • We've added a My Profile option so users can change their details, including their password

  • Added a selected state to current menu item in prism admin

  • Session Login: change of title text to "Joining SPACE_NAME"

  • When a session is reset, the users are no longer forced to login again

  • In Webcam mode, the avatar of the person is now shown when there is no video feed. This has replaced the a generic webcam icon

  • An icon has been added to each users video feed

  • A data column has been added to the list of users for admins

  • Ghostbuster now logs the amount of messages being sent per second

  • Empty messages are now displayed on scenes. If a message was blank before, it wouldn't be displayed

  • A My Profile option has been added to the drop down navigation to navigate to the new page
    When resetting a session it would say "kill", which has now been changed to "reset"

  • The Scene name wasn't updated in the VR Launcher when you launched a scene, closed it, and launched another scene

  • Scrolling has been added to the list of customers
    ###Immerse Web 0.11.0


  • Alias's are no longer a mandatory field when creating a user

03 Aug 2017

Immerse Web 0.10.0


  • Deleted customers and associated users should not be able to login to this Customer area
  • Create backend for custom ghost message configuration
  • Define custom ghost messages as part of scene configuration
  • Scenes: remove sections from Customers
  • Move front end logging logic to LogService
  • Write script to detect and fix invalid Spaces
  • Admin Users should not be able to change their OWN User Profile
  • Modular behaviours
  • Reword reset notification


  • More than one user lose tracking and unable to see other user's interactions

Multiplayer Server 4.4.0


  • Ghost logging Improved to capture more
  • Implement Grouping and Filtering in Ghost
  • Make secure connections be the default when using Ghostbuster

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Immerse Web Release Notes

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