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The Immerse SDK Installer


Enterprise Developers

If you have activated your Enterprise Developer account, you still need to import the Immerse SDK into your Unity project.

When you sign-up for the Immerse SDK, you must use the same email address as your Enterprise Developer account

1. Download the Immerse SDK Installer

Register for the Immerse SDK at dev.immerse.io/sign-up; fill out the webform to receive an email containing your activation key, with a link to do/wnload the Immerse SDK Installer Unity Package.

2. Import the Immerse SDK Installer

The Immerse SDK Installer is used to activate the Immerse SDK and populate the Package Manager with Immerse Packages. Once downloaded, add it to your Unity Project


The Immerse SDK is intended for use with Unity 2020.3.26+

3. Install Immerse Packages

Once imported, the Immerse SDK Installer window should open automatically:

  1. Enter the activation key you received in your activation email
  2. Add (or update) the Immerse Package Registry
  3. Select the desired packages from the Package Manager

The Installer window can also be found in Unity's Window menu: Window > Immerse > Immerse SDK Installer

4. Log-in (Enterprise Developers only)

Check Project Settings > Immerse SDK. A log-in prompt means that you are an Enterprise Developer.

If you were expecting to see the log-in screen but can only see the Interaction Package, remove the Activation Key and try again. Alternatively, contact [email protected] to have your account upgraded.


Once you've installed and logged in, try the Developer quick start guide

Removing an Activation Key

Should you need to remove your activation key this can be done by selecting 'Remove Activation Key' from the installer context menu:

  1. Right click on the 'Immerse SDK Installer' tab
  2. Select 'Remove Activation Key'
  3. Sign-up again to generate a new Key