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The Immerse SDK Installer


Existing Immerse SDK 4 user?

With the release of Version 5.3, the process for updating the Immerse SDK has changed, utilising Unityโ€™s Package Manager. Learn about the upgrade process

Once you have downloaded the SDK and received your activation key, you should also be provided with a Unity Asset Package containing the Immerse SDK Installer. This is a simple tool designed to help you with the Activation process and populate the Package Manager with the Immerse SDK packages.

Like any other Unity Asset Package , it is added to the project by either dragging and dropping it into the Project View or via the assets menu. Assets > Import Package > Custom Package...


The Immerse SDK is intended for use with Unity 2020.3.26+

Installation Process

The installation process consists of 3 steps which are executed via the installer:

  1. Enter your activation key
  2. Add/update the Immerse package registry in your project
  3. Select the desired packages from the Package Manager

SDK Installer Window

Finding the Installer Window

The installer window will open automatically on the first run of a project. If for some reason it doesn't or you need to access it after that time, it can be accessed via Unity's Window menu. Window > Immerse > Immerse SDK Installer

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