Installing Immerse SDK

How to Install

The Immerse SDK is provided as a Unity Asset Package .


For first time users, it is recommended that all files in the asset package are imported, as some files will have dependencies on others.

What's in the Package?

Immerse SDK

This folder contains all the required assets and modules.


This folder contains all user settings for Immerse SDK. These assets have been separated to make it easy for users to update the Immerse SDK without losing work.


When updating the Immerse SDK, only delete the Assets > ImmerseSDK > SDK folder. Do not delete the Settings folder.

Required Package

The Immerse SDK requires the XR Plugin Management package to run, you can add this to you package from Window > Package Manager and searching for XR

Resolving dependencies after import


Required post install step

The following step is required to ensure the SDK functions properly after installation.

There are some code dependencies between different modules of the SDK which in some cases are not completely resolved after a first time import of the package. This depends on a few factors, such as which SDK modules you chose to install. As a result, some of the example prefabs can contain missing script references and you may experience errors when using the SDK.

This is a result of a known Unity issue and a better automated workaround will be provided in a later version of the SDK.

Presently, the problem can be resolved simply by re-importing the contents of the package after the initial import.

  1. Open the Project window.
  2. Right-click on the ImmerseSDK folder found at the root level of the project and select Reimport
  3. After reimporting has completed, you should find that prefabs now correctly reference all of their script components.

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