Interaction Requirements


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The Immerse SDK provides a number of ways to add logic to scenes. "Interaction Requirements" are a feature that uses the snapped state of objects to control whether certain actions are permitted in a scene. For instance, a button can be prevented from being pressed unless a cover is open.

How it works

Most interactable objects have a property called InteractionRequirements, which is where TransformSync components of other interactable objects can be dragged and configured, to determine expected states to look out for. In the property, all these requirements have to be met before the object will become interactable.

Snap targets also have a similar property called "Snapping requirements".


Interaction Requirements use the snap states of a TransformSync component to drive its logic.

A Snapping Requirements component set on an object

Drag a TransformSync into the Snapping Requirements' reference slot, then set the appropriate comparison option

All requirements must evaluate to True for interaction to be allowed.

Different comparison options available in the Snapping Requirements component

All Snap Targets that have been set up (and some other states) will appear in the option list

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Interaction Requirements

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