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The Learn section (vr.immerse.io/learn/ ) displays a list of Apps, to which you have been invited

What are Immerse Sessions?

Immerse Sessions have a unique URL, in the form:


Session access page

When a Learner accesses a Session URL they are presented with the Session Access page:


1) Session Overview - displays key information about the training (configured when the app is created or the Cohort configured
2) History - allows the learner to see information about past attempts
3) Join buttons For this App, the user can join in a VR headset (GET VR PIN), or in the browser

Enter PIN in headset

Once a 6-digit PIN has been generated, the Learner must put on their VR headset, launch the respective application and input the PIN. Once entered, the application will start; with respective data sent back to the Immerse Platform