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Camera Targets

Interaction overview

In many VR environments, the physical space available to VR users is smaller than the virtual space. For this reason, navigation is often required, in the form of 'teleportation'.

Teleportation is triggered by pressing a button on the VR controllers

When teleportation is initiated, a green arc and circular target indicates the user can successfully teleport to this location.

A red arc and cross indicates the user cannot teleport to this location.

At runtime, teleportation can be initiated by pressing anywhere on the thumbpad on the Vive or Windows Mixed Reality controllers, or depressing the joypad on the Oculus controller.

ViveWindows Mixed RealityOculus Touch

Setting up Navigation

  1. Select Immerse > Settings and select Teleportation. Here you can select the default navigation settings and change the as you want.

The default navigation settings as supplied by the ImmerseSDK

  1. Bake the NavMesh. See Unity documentation .


When baking the NavMesh ensure that the associated GameObject has a Collider attached to it; otherwise users will find themselves unable to teleport.

After baking is complete, the NavMesh should be visible in the Scene view.

Advanced Options

Ignore Layer Mask
True if the layer mask is an ignore mask, otherwise false if it is an include mask
Raycast Layer MaskLayers to include or ignore, depending on the Ignore Layer Mask value
Sample RadiusThe radius to sample when the NavMesh is queried.

Unity iconTry out this component the Examples Project

Examples (menu) > Navigation > Load Teleport Example

Learn more about the Examples Project

Camera Targets

Interaction overview

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Step 7 of 13 |20 mins

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