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Unity's NavMesh feature provides a simple way to quickly set up where an Avatar should be allowed to teleport to with a host of more advanced features should you wish to explore them.


NavMesh as it is displayed in the Scene view

Building a NavMesh

The most basic set up requires you to simply build a NavMesh for your scene. Instructions on how to do this can be found in Unity's NavMesh Building Guide.

Locomotion Settings

The default NavMesh settings in the SDK's Locomotion settings are the least restrictive. For the majority of applications (from our experience) these settings can be left untouched.

Destination Mask

The destination mask is used to specify which NavMesh areas the user is allowed to teleport to.

Path Mask

The path mask can be used to restrict where a user can teleport to when there obstructions or walls that should restrict this movement.

e.g. Setting this property to 'Walkable' will only allow users to teleport to locations where a full path can be found from their current to target position in the 'Walkable' NavMesh area. Making use of a NavMeshObstacle component with 'Carve' enabled can be used to create doors or barriers that the user cannot teleport across.