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Offline applications

Applications created with the Immerse SDK can also be built as offline applications, bypassing connectivity to the Immerse Platform. A PIN is not required to access the content, however this also negates all Platform benefits.

This means:

  • The application can only be a single-user, VR application running on a standalone headset (e.g. Oculus Quest)
  • A PIN will not be required to access the application
  • Participants will not need to be invited to the Immerse Session
  • Users will not need to be provisioned on the Immerse Platform

This is turn has further knock-on effects:

  • The Immerse Platform will not be able to authenticate users, so an audit log will not be possible
  • Reporting data cannot be collected or associated with a user
  • 3D recordings will not be possible
  • Multi-user or WebGL content cannot be deployed
  • Voice communication will not be available
  • SSO integration will not be required
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems will not be required