Offline builds


As a cloud-based service, the Immerse Platform works best when connected to the Internet. However there are occasions when offline, standalone applications need to be created, if bandwidth is limited or internet access is unavailable.

For this purpose, the Immerse SDK supports standard "Offline" builds. When an offline build is created, an executable file is created, which can be launched like any standard Unity build (clicking on the EXE to start it), as well as supporting uploading and launching via the Immerse Platform.

How to implement

  1. Go to Immerse > Window > Immerse Project inside Unity
  2. Check Offline In Builds [] in the Immerse Project window.

Now continue to build applications like normal (See Making a Build ).


Offline builds work in a similar way to enabling offline mode in the Editor when debugging:

  • All network messages will be looped back to the app.
  • No state will be persisted
  • Single VR user only - multiplayer is not supported
  • Some online features (like Camera Targets ) are not supported.

Updated 11 months ago

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