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Platform 3.0 Dashboard


The Platform Dashboard is only visible to Organisation Administrators. If you are an Organisation Administrator and cannot see the Dashboard when you log-in, please contact [email protected] to have your organisation upgraded to the latest version of the Immerse Platform

The Dashboard is the first page Organisation Administrators see when they log into the Immerse Platform (vr.immerse.io). This page provides an overview of recent activity within their organisation.

1) Main nav bar - contains links to other areas on the Immerse Platform: Apps, Groups, Users, Teams, Learn
2) Create New Apps, Users or Teams
3) Account Metrics - displays high level account data; Apps, Cohorts and Users
4) Most used Apps; click through to display the App Overview page
5) Total Session over time (configured via date-picker)
6) Session KPIs - displays total sessions, broken down by pass / fail and complete / incomplete over time (configured by date-picker)