Platform manual

Before starting development with the Immerse SDK read the platform manual

Platform overview

The Immerse Platform is a secure, managed cloud service that simplifies and solves common technical and production challenges of building, hosting and deploying measurable and scalable virtual reality applications


  1. Content Library
    • A private library of Immerse Scenes and Spaces; 3D objects (coming soon)
  2. VR Training Engine
  3. User management
    • Scale up and distribute to thousands of users and locations
    • Incorporate Single Sign-on (OAuth) for integration into enterprise services (coming soon)
  4. Data layer
    • Dashboards and reporting for deep insights into user actions and performance
    • Session recording and playback (coming soon)
    • Storage and audit trail - understand who's accessing and using immersive content
    • API for integration into common Learning Management Systems (coming soon)

Immerse Scenes and Spaces

The Immerse Platform works around the concept of Scenes and Spaces. Learn more about:

User profiles

The Immerse Platform grants access to platform features based on user profiles


The Immerse Platform and SDK provides components for tracking and reporting users, objects and interactions in Spaces

Release notes

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Platform manual

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