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This feature requires the Immerse SDK Enterprise Edition

This is different to the free Immerse SDK. Contact [email protected] if you require access.

Understand the difference between the Free and Enterprise SDK

In order to make use of many of the Platform Services, you must first be connected to a session. More information on how to schedule a session can be found here. However, for development purposes, there also exists Developer Sessions.

Developer Session

Your developer session is a session attached to your project. It is the session that will connect to by default from the Unity Editor and is intended to streamline the development process by providing easy access to platform services.

At the top of the section are 3 buttons for managing your session.

  • Restart Session - This restarts your session, deleting all messages and kicking any connected users
  • Open in Browser - Open a link to this session in the browser, using the credentials of the currently signed in user
  • Generate PIN - Generate a PIN for this session, using the credentials of the currently signed in user

Session foldout in Immerse SDK settings


This section provides you the ability to choose which region the session will be hosted. In most cases, it is recommended to keep this as 'Default'. But it can be useful for testing how an application behaves when it is dealing with higher latency.


Changing your region will restart your developer session.

Guest Access

Guest access can be provided to your developer session. This is intended to aid in multi-user testing. From here you can generate multiple sets of credentials that will connect to the same session.

  • Alias - The name that should appear for the user
  • Type - What type of credentials should be generated. A PIN or a web link

Clicking the 'Generate' button will generate new credentials that will be displayed in a list below.