Spectator Camera


The Spectator Camera is a virtual ‘video camera’ which can be picked up and carried like any other 3D object in an Immerse Scene. It is a Unity Prefab which works much like other cameras with its live output 'streamed' to WebGL users.

When the spectator camera is active, the VR (Unity client) window on the PC will switch to render that camera, instead the of the VR user's viewpoint. It is particularly useful for making recordings and screen captures, or for focusing browser users on particular content in a scene.

On the left side, a VR user is shown holding the Spectator Camera. The right hand side shows the output of that camera. Note the Spectator Camera 'viewfinder' also mirrors this output.

How it works

  • The Spectator Camera will turn on and start rendering as soon as it is picked up. It will also switch the active Camera Target to that of the Spectator Camera.
  • The Spectator Camera has a ‘viewfinder’ displaying the view from its ‘lense’. It displays a thumbnail view which can be used to help position the camera into the required position.
  • The Spectator Camera auto-dampens movement, acting like physical camera stabilization on a real video camera; as the controller is moved, the camera will smoothly follow.
  • When the camera is released, it will freeze movement and "float" in space, as if attached to an invisible tripod.
  • To switch off the camera and stop rendering, snap it back to where it was originally picked up.


The Spectator Camera is supplied in the Immerse SDK as a prefab, which can be added to a scene to use it.

How to implement

  1. Look for the Prefab in the SDK folder: Assets/ImmerseSDK/Assets/Resources/ImmerseSDK/Prefabs/App/SpectatorCameraPickup.prefab and add it to the scene.

(There is no need to update the index, as the Spectator Camera is given a built-in index which will not change when the scene is re-indexed)

  1. When in Play mode, the Spectator Camera can be interacted with like any normal Pickup object.


Immerse SDK Class Library

More detail available in SpectatorCamera class

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Spectator Camera

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