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Stats View

The Stats View prefab consists of 4 main components (see below). Each of these are configurable to show/hide the information relevant to your testing.


Stats view preview

FPSDisplays frame rate info, with averages and range.
MemoryDisplays RAM and graphics memory usages
Connection InfoWhen used with the Platform Services package, this will display multiuser and voice connection status as well as the current server time and latency (requires message registration)
Device InfoDisplays hardware and software information about the device.

The Stats View prefab includes a script to make it easier to show/hide the view. The default behavior is to start with the canvas hidden and display it upon request.


Stats view prefab in the Inspector

The StatsViewToggle component is intended to make the Stats View more accessible to XR clients. This allows the user to press the 'secondary button' to show/hide the canvas and optionally to have it follow the controller. With the settings displayed above, it will follow the right controller and enable/disable with a press of the B button.