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The UI package provides a utility for theming UI using Theme and Color Palette objects. The default theme for a project should be linked in the Immerse SDK UI settings found in Project Settings. This global theme can be replaced and, by use for the Themed Canvas component, overridden for specific canvases.


UI Settings Foldout in Project Settings > Immerse

The Definitions section of the UI settings allows you to add additional colors/elements/components/sprites to your theme in case your needs extend beyond what is provided by the default theme. Any changes to these definitions will automatically, and instantly reflect on other UI package components.

ColorsColors that can be set in the Color Palette and referenced when editing a Theme.
ElementsDifferent elements of UI that are to be styled.
Components are made up of multiple Elements.
ComponentsCombinations of Elements define a component.

e.g. A Button may make use of a Background, Foreground, Text and Icon Element.
SpritesSprites that can be set and overridden by a Theme.