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The Tooltip prefab is a simple way to add labels to objects within your scene. This prefab is compatible with the Theming system and includes an animation for show/hide that plays when the component is enabled/disabled.


Tooltip with center and right alignment

There are a few features of the Tooltip which are configurable via the Inspector.


Tooltip as it appears in the Inspector

DisplayThe Text/TMP_Text component to display the tooltip text.
ContentContainer for the tooltip container. Used for alignment.
AlignmentTooltip alignment
Billboard AxesWhich axes can be controlled to make the tooltip face the user
Animation DurationShow/hide animation duration
TimeoutDuration that tooltip should remain visible before hiding itself

Tooltip Utility

The tooltip utility exists as a way to create tooltips via code. By calling these methods you can instantiate the Tooltip Prefab linked in the Immerse SDK UI settings with the given parameters.

using ImmerseSDK.UI.Tooltips;

TooltipUtility.Create(position, "Hello world!");
TooltipUtility.Create(parentTransform, "Hello world!");

Each of these methods will return the Tooltip instance.