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Tracked XRNode Driver Component

The Tracked XRNode Driver component is designed to be used in place of Unity's Tracked Pose Driver component. This is what binds a Transform to a XR device such as a controller or headset.


Tracked XRNode Driver as it appears in the inspector


XR Node

XRNode to be tracked

Tracking Type

The values to be tracked

Update Type

When to update the Transform


Offset to be applied to position/rotation before applying to Transform (see below)

Device Offsets

To facilitate the use of different XR devices within the same application, we have created an offset feature which can be used to apply different positional/rotational offsets to the Transform .

The Avatar component handles an array of Device Offset Preset objects that will be applied when an XR device is detected. Within each Device Offset Preset you can set the offset for that device.


A preview of the Device Offset Preset used for Oculus devices