Immerse Web release notes

16 October 2019

Immerse Web 1.15.0


  • [Reporting] Give "Org Manager" users access to Reporting
  • [Reporting] Give "Group Manager" users access to Reporting
  • [Graphics] New Immerse Logo in Platform
  • [Reporting] Create breadcrumb navigation for Reporting


  • [Groups] correct the text shown when no users are found
  • [Reporting] Session duration filter's default to More than 2 minutes on Session Overview
  • [Users] - Org admin user is unable to save changes made to an existing user (validation error)
  • [On-boarding] Vive headset couldn't be detected by the platform
  • [Reporting] - Org admin cannot see reporting data for users without shared scene
  • [Reporting] By default no user session data is visible
  • [Reporting] Duration field should default to "any duration" on User sessions
  • [Reporting] Time on the scene report is incorrect
  • [Reporting] Dashboard graph constantly shows "No Data"
  • [On-boarding] Page continues to load when "Not available" selected from the Device Selection screen
  • [Graphics] Immerse logo fills all the account creation email content on Windows Live
  • [Spaces] Guest access doesn't remove the guest login tab (when entering session from outside of the office)
  • [Session] "Record" button doesn't start recording
  • Administration Panel - Create user - header disappears on opening the modal
  • [Users] Change all instances of "Customer Admin" to "Group Manager"

5 September 2019

Immerse Web 1.14.1


  • [Scenes] Unable to update thumbnail in an existing scene

5 September 2019

Immerse Web 1.14.0


  • [Security] Fixed security flaws detected
  • [Users] Able to reset the password to the previous password

15 August 2019

Immerse Web 1.13.0


  • [Users] Change all FRONT END uses of word "Customer" to "Group"
  • [Examples] Add a hard coded link to the Scenes page to point to the Unity Examples folder


  • [Users] Nothing displayed on screen under "Users" if there are no existing Customers/Groups

11 April 2019

Immerse Web 1.12.0


  • [Security] Updates to the Users Management

03 Apr 2019

Immerse Web 1.11.0


  • Scenes - Icon to scene on Scenes page to represent custom messages
  • South Korea region added


  • Reporting - UI CSS Improvements
  • Users - Organisation Designer option hidden from User drop down
  • Users - Organisation Managers can access the Users section


  • Users - Expired tokens return correct response
  • Reporting - Hover values for minutes on Total time in hours reformatted
  • Users - Separate user accounts being created with the same email address

11 Feb 2019

Immerse Web 1.10.1


  • Guests user names are not visible on Reporting dashboard

11 Feb 2019

Immerse Web 1.10.0


  • Scene selector first option is blank


  • Session count for users added to Reporting Dashboard

20 Dec 2018

Immerse Web 1.8.1


  • Guests event data appearing in sessions on Reporting Dashboard.

19 Dec 2018

Immerse Web 1.8.0


  • Reporting Dashboard fix for the usernames appearing as the names not ids.

18 Dec 2018

Immerse Web 1.7.1


  • Small bug fixes.

06 Dec 2018

Immerse Web 1.7.0


  • Reporting Dashboard.

01 Nov 2018

Immerse Web 1.4.0


  • Vive and WMR headsets not being detected on sound bar.

05 Sep 2018

Immerse Web 1.3.0


  • Update to WebGL loader for Unity 2018.2

23 Jul 2018

Immerse Web 1.2.0


  • Updates to error codes


  • WebGL caching

03 Jul 2018

Multiplayer Server 5.3.0


  • Added an option to stop multiplayer server assigning automatic tags

Immerse Web 1.1.1


  • Fixes an issue with how the log errors handled malformed messages
  • Fixes an issue where the audio check would fail to play if you reloaded the page during the first check

21 Jun 2018

Immerse Web 1.0.0:


  • Added a Beta version of a new reporting dashboard, which is based on the completion of Sessions and defined by VR user interactions - this has to be configured in the Unity Scene
  • Added Roles to the platform that allows you to allocate users, an example being teacher and trainer - this also has to be configured in the Unity Scene
  • Improved performance for Cloudfront signed URLs
  • Thumbnails are now in a regionalised public bucket and will load faster
  • Fixed a bug with Web GL caching when the Scene file was updated

Multiplayer Server 5.1.0:


  • Users can now be muted by the Scene Owner, in the Users List

14 May 2018

Immerse Web 0.19.2


  • WebGL scenes that are made in Unity 2017 will be cached locally, making it faster to load or refresh WebGL scenes
  • Improved security for Scene downloads, which now use signed URLs
  • Improved global performance with assets now served via CDN.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

28 Mar 2018

Immerse Web 0.18.4


  • We fixed a bug for guests where the platform wasn't detecting the Vive Headset microphone if they clicked through the options with haste

12 Mar 2018

Immerse Web 0.18.3


  • VR Launcher updated to use signed URLs when requesting resources. This previous version will continue to work with old scenes, but not with new scenes created after 12/03/2018. We recommend you download and install Launcher v.3.0.0 immediately to preserve compatibility and take advantage of this security feature
  • Default mode is VR instead of Webcam when the session starts for the first time
  • Switching the preferred region on a space will now restart the Space
  • Guest access can now be disabled for individual Spaces
  • The homepage is now fully HTML5 compliant
  • Fixed a bug with thumbnails in Scenes
  • Fixed a bug where if you muted your mic after 15+ minutes of being in a Scene, you couldn't un-mute it
  • Clarified some wording when getting failure/error messages
  • Added an error message when you try an incorrect password
  • Forgotten password now works when you try to directly join a space instead of through the login screen on the main page

20 Feb 2018

Immerse Web 0.17.3


  • Increased the file size limit for VR and WebGL uploads from 200mb to 350mb
  • Preferred Regions on spaces now use port 443 as opposed to port 8484

26 Jan 2018

Immerse Web 0.17.2


  • Fixed an issue with the space owner not being able to change cameras if they had them setup in their scene

22 Jan 2018

Immerse Web 0.17.1


  • Various typos fixed
  • Improvements to the Administration Profile for Organisation Administrators
  • Improved error messages if a module is down
  • New web module for account registration
  • Password complexity requirement has been increased
  • Added a link to download the Immerse VR Launcher when selecting the VR/Web mode
  • Users are now shown help prompts when uploading models
  • Various improvements for Model upload
  • Tooltips added to Models
  • Models in the library are now listed by newest first

30 Nov 2017

Immerse Web 0.16.0


  • Back end updates to message tracking

Ghost 4.7.0


  • Back end updates to message tracking

23 Nov 2017

Immerse Web 0.15.0


  • Spaces can now be run in a specific region in order to ensure minimal latency between clients
  • Debugging features have been improved for camera target selection
  • The VR Launcher system tray icon icon has been updated
  • Private scenes no longer appear on the drop down menu when making a scene
  • Activation emails now contain the right social media links
  • Some cosmetic wording has been improved
  • Admins can now enable/disable a particular user in an organisation

16 Nov 2017

Immerse Web 0.14.2


  • The Immerse platform is now accessible through Windows 7, in both VR and WebGL sessions
  • Users can now update their password in their User Profile menu
  • The allocated size for a Space name has been increased to show the entirety of the name
  • When resetting the session the message displayed is now more relevant
  • UI improvements in the SDK Downloads section

24 Oct 2017

Immerse Web 0.12.6


  • Fixed a confusing error message when using an unsupported Operating System. The message is now a lot clearer to the user

13 Oct 2017

Immerse Web 0.12.5


  • A selected state to current menu item in prism admin

29 Sep 2017

Immerse Web 0.11.13


  • Increased the Scene Upload limit to 200mb

21 Sep 2017

Immerse Web 0.11.0


  • We've added a My Profile option so users can change their details, including their password

  • Added a selected state to current menu item in prism admin

  • Session Login: change of title text to "Joining SPACE_NAME"

  • When a session is reset, the users are no longer forced to login again

  • In Webcam mode, the avatar of the person is now shown when there is no video feed. This has replaced the a generic webcam icon

  • An icon has been added to each users video feed

  • A data column has been added to the list of users for admins

  • Ghostbuster now logs the amount of messages being sent per second

  • Empty messages are now displayed on scenes. If a message was blank before, it wouldn't be displayed

  • A My Profile option has been added to the drop down navigation to navigate to the new page
    When resetting a session it would say "kill", which has now been changed to "reset"

  • The Scene name wasn't updated in the VR Launcher when you launched a scene, closed it, and launched another scene

  • Scrolling has been added to the list of customers
    ###Immerse Web 0.11.0


  • Alias's are no longer a mandatory field when creating a user

03 Aug 2017

Immerse Web 0.10.0


  • Deleted customers and associated users should not be able to login to this Customer area
  • Create backend for custom ghost message configuration
  • Define custom ghost messages as part of scene configuration
  • Scenes: remove sections from Customers
  • Move front end logging logic to LogService
  • Write script to detect and fix invalid Spaces
  • Admin Users should not be able to change their OWN User Profile
  • Modular behaviours
  • Reword reset notification


  • More than one user lose tracking and unable to see other user's interactions

Multiplayer Server 4.4.0


  • Ghost logging Improved to capture more
  • Implement Grouping and Filtering in Ghost
  • Make secure connections be the default when using Ghostbuster

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