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All users, objects and interactions in a Scene can be tracked and logged using the Immerse Platform. This affords huge possibilities for deep insights into user activity, which in turn can be tracked back to training KPIs.


Reporting view, for an 'Organisation Administrator' user


1. Total time in hours per week
Displays the total time spent by all users inside all Immerse spaces across an organisation.
2. Top users
A list of users who have spent the most time in Immerse Spaces
3. Recent sessions
The most recent sessions started and joined inside an organisation
4. Total time
The total time all users have spent in all Immerse spaces
5. Number of active users
The total number of individual users who have joined the sessions.
6. Number of sessions
The total number of individual sessions started and joined
7. Total number of actions
The total number of all actions by all users in all sessions
8. Date picker
Choose the start and end date for the reporting period


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