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The Immerse interaction package includes an avatar system to allow users to interact with the content. Settings to adjust the avatar can be found in the Avatars section in `Project Settings > Immerse SDK`

# Auto Instantiate

With the Auto Instantiate option enabled, an avatar will be instantiated automatically when the application starts. The prefab will be chosen based on whether the application is being run on an XR enabled device or not.


Avatar settings displaying auto instantiate options

Column Title
XR Avatar PrefabWhen the application is launched and an XR device is detected, such as on a VR headset, this prefab will be used.
Non-XR Avatar PrefabThis is the prefab that will be used when no XR device is detected, such as a WebGL client.

# Manual Instantiation

When Auto Instantiate is disabled, an array of avatar prefabs is provided. An avatar can be manually instantiated from this array by supplying an `pairIndex` value to the `AvatarManager.InstantiateAvatar` method.


Avatar settings displaying manual avatar prefab selection array

As you can see from the array contents, the Auto Instantiate feature works by utilizing this same array and with the feature disabled, you are able to implement logic to instantiate an Avatar using your own selection criteria.