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This guide provides information for installing Immerse SDK 5.0

We recommend <a href="https://bit.ly/3ryTZyA" target="_parent">installing Immerse SDK 5.2</a> instead.

Once you have signed up and received your activation key, you should also be provided with a [Unity Asset Package ](🔗) containing the Immerse SDK Installer. This is a simple tool designed to help you with the [Activation](🔗) process and populate the [Package Manager](🔗) with the Immerse SDK packages.

Like any other [Unity Asset Package ](🔗), it is added to the project by either dragging and dropping it into the [Project View ](🔗) or via the assets menu. `Assets > Import Package > Custom Package...`

The Immerse SDK is designed for [Unity 2020.3+](🔗)

# Installation Process

The installation process consists of 2 steps:

  1. Entering your activation key

  2. Adding the Immerse package registry to your project


Activation key entry step

# Finding the Installer Window

The installer window should open automatically on the first run of a project. If for some reason it doesn't or you need to access it after that time, it can be accessed via Unity's Window menu. `Window > Immerse > Immerse SDK Installer`

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