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The behaviour of a Handle can be changed by applying different Physics Settings to it. A number of premade settings are included with the Interaction package. These can be found in `Packages > Immerse Interaction > Runtime > Interaction > Physics > Presets`

Column Title
InstantApplies positional and rotational changes to the target Rigidbody immediately. (_non-physical_)
PhysicalThe Handle will apply forces to the Rigidbody to move and rotate it's target.
Position OnlyOnly applies positional forces. This is used in our Wheel and Lever examples.
Rotation OnlyOnly applies rotational forces. This is used in our Dial and Door examples.

# Creating More Physics Settings

For full control over your physical interactions, you will need to create your own Physics Settings. This can be done from the Assets menu: `Assets > Create > Immerse > Interaction > Physics Settings`


A new Physics Settings object

The Position and Rotation configurations share a number of settings. The most important of which is the mode. There are 3 different modes

  • **Off** - No affect will be applied

  • **Instant** - Apply change immediately without consideration for physics

  • **Physical** - Apply forces (recommended)

## Physical Mode

When using Physical mode, more settings are made available. The best way to get an understanding of how these settings affect an object is best understood by trying it for yourself, but a description has been provided below.

Column Title
FrequencySpeed of convergence
DampingDamping value (1 = critically damped)
Gravity CompensationApply additional forces to compensate for gravitational forces (Position only)

Alternatively, Physical mode can be configured using Proportional Derivative values by changing the Input Mode at the top of the Physics Settings object's editor.