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When a project is selected, further details about it are displayed:

  • project name

  • date of last update

  • recent and [available versions](🔗)

  • Immerse SDK version information

  • session [reporting data](🔗)

  • metadata

  • whether it contains WebGL or VR components (and their file size)


Archiving a project:

  • terminates all the sessions using this project's builds

  • deletes all the builds

  • marks the project as archived, and removes it from the list of projects

## Reporting data

On viewing the project details page, its most recent session report is displayed; previous reports can be selected via the dropdown.


These reports can be shared via the **[Share reporting data]** button, which will copy a publicly accessible URL into the clipboard. This is useful when testing reporting in your project.

Shared report URLs expire within one hour and are publicly accessible to anyone who knows the URL

(Script tags will be stripped)