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All users, objects and interactions in a Scene can be tracked and logged using the Immerse Platform. This affords huge possibilities for deep insights into user activity, which in turn can be tracked back to training KPIs.

  • To access the reporting page visit [vr.immerse.io/reporting/overview ](🔗). For developers, please use the [Developer Portal](🔗)


## Reporting view, for an 'Organisation Administrator' user


**1. Total time in hours per week** Displays the total time spent by all users inside all Immerse spaces across an organisation. **2. Top users** A list of users who have spent the most time in Immerse Spaces **3. Recent sessions** The most recent sessions started and joined inside an organisation **4. Total time** The total time all users have spent in all Immerse spaces **5. Number of active users** The total number of individual users who have joined the sessions. **6. Number of sessions** The total number of individual sessions started and joined **7. Total number of actions** The total number of all actions by all users in all sessions **8. Date picker** Choose the start and end date for the reporting period

Learn how to [add reporting to an Immerse Scene](🔗)

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